Partnering with us

Our core mission is partnership for growth – a symbiosis of the partner’s healthy business model and our financial support coupled with management oversight and expertise.

We are focused on expansion and buy-out opportunities in non-oil industries.

We offer up to AZN 10 million-growth capital investment and aim at an ownership stake up to 70%. While Azerbaijan is our main geographic target, we also do business in Georgia and Turkey.

What can we bring to you:

  • Long-term capital to support your company’s growth;
  • A partner to share risks and rewards;
  • Strategic and operational support along with financial advice;
  • The adoption of high-performance management standards;
  • A partial or total exit strategy.

How do we create value for our partners:

We do a thorough analysis. Before the final investment decision, we meet the company leadership, peruse the accounting books, study the organizational structure, and check the operating procedures. All serves one goal – to develop a near-perfect ‘portrait’ of the prospective partner.

We create a 100-day plan. If the decision to invest gets a green light, we follow up with two documents: a 100-day pre-acquisition plan and an implementation plan – both created and carried out in close collaboration with the partner to ensure the optimal roadmap to continued success.

We leverage our Group resources. PASHA Group commands a leadership position in diverse industries in Azerbaijan, houses versatile capabilities and deep expertise, and opens doors to powerful international networks.